Two Ears – One Mouth

Series: Effective

People who have learned the ability to listen to others will always have friends. The judgments and observations of those who listen will stand a better chance of accuracy than those who speak twice and listen once. As the Psalmist said, “Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips!” King Solomon showed the ability to listen deeply and settle an interesting case with two women arguing over who was the mother of a baby. Jesus stressed repeatedly in the Gospels and in Revelation 2-3, “He who has ears to hear…let him hear.” In the book of Acts, the early church had to decide what to do about letting the Gentiles into the faith. James stood and said, “Brothers, listen to me…” Paul told the Romans there is a link between hearing and faith: “So faith comes through hearing…”

To be an effective person, we simply must learn to listen. It is an acquired habit.

Speaker: Tom Harrison

January 31, 2021
James 1:19-20

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