What If You Had a Copy of the Devil's Plan to Ruin Your Life?

Series: The Gospel of Matthew

What if you had a copy of the devil’s plan to ruin your life?

What if you could see—in detail, and with specifics—how the enemy was planning to lead you into destruction, to bring you to a place of daily misery, to take away every possibility of happiness?

If you had a copy of the devil’s plan to ruin your life, what would you do with it?

This is the question we’re asking in week 1 of our new sermon series from the Gospel of Matthew called “The Testing.”  For the next 3 weeks, we’ll be looking at the fascinating place in the Gospel of Matthew when Jesus is tested and tempted by the devil before he is ready to begin his public ministry. What we will see is how the devil plans to destroy human lives...one lie or tempting thought at a time.

This first week, we see that the devil’s plan to ruin your life starts with dropping a suggestion of suspicion into your thoughts—What if God can’t be trusted to provide?

Speaker: Andrew Forrest

August 20, 2023
Matthew 4:1-11

Andrew Forrest

Senior Pastor

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