What's Next For Asbury

What's next for Asbury/

How are we going to reach the next generation?

Asbury is an older congregation, and that's a blessing. Our older members are a great resource, and it is with regard to our older members that Asbury's future lies.

The next step for Asbury is to constantly encourage and challenge and remind our older members of a foundational truth: Every breath is proof that God’s not done with us yet. We are going to go after the hearts of our older members and challenge them to live heir next years as their best years. This matters because our older members matter. Period.

But here’s where it gets interesting: I believe that the way we’ll reach the next generation is through the hearts of the older generation!

When young people see older Christians filled with joy and peace, that’s what God will use to draw them in.

So, buckle-up, Buttercup:

Let’s GO.

Speaker: Andrew Forrest

October 29, 2023

Andrew Forrest

Senior Pastor

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